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Double trouble on a sunny afternoon… Listen to dramatic music as the camera slowly pans to a tense duel between two chocolate bars. one with milk and one black. Made by The Chocolate Tree in Scotland.

In fact, the pure milk bar will be the first original milk chocolate ever rated on my blog. Still a favorite of many people, I hope to find out what artisan chocolatiers can offer with quality milk and cocoa.

Arriba cocoa is one of the best and most aromatic types of cocoa in the world. It is grown only in Ecuador.

In the world, only 5% of cocoa is marked with the famous Fine Aroma label, while Ecuadorian chocolate represents 63%. And as we know, the aroma of chocolate plays an important role in taste, making Ecuadorian chocolate one of the tastiest in the world.

But… what makes Ecuadorian chocolate so special?

The fact that about 5% of cocoa beans grown in the world are pomegranates or cocoa beans with a “fine aroma”.

Surprisingly, around 60% of these prized cocoa beans are grown in this country at the center of the world.

A wide variety of “floral notes” were also obtained with this special cocoa bean. The richness of the soil and the particular climate produce a wonderful taste with a “fine aroma”.

What is Arriba cocoa from Ecuador?

In the world of chocolate, the word Arriba is synonymous with high quality cocoa with a fine aroma. Arriba takes its name from a 19th century legend about a Swiss chocolatier. Entering the Guayas River in the Ecuadorian Amazon, our explorer was struck by a strong aromatic smell, prompting him to ask nearby natives, who were unloading cocoa from their canoes, where did the t-aroma come from? They answered “de río arriba” which means “from above the river”. From that day on, this variety of cocoa was called “Arriba”. Chocolate connoisseurs say the flavor of Ecuadorian cocoa is more complex because Arriba beans vary in taste and size depending on where they are grown.

Organized by international chocolate experts, the event focuses on manufacturing innovations, improved taste and product knowledge, which it promotes through workshops and training. More than 600 products took part in the European and American semi-finals and in the Italian and Canadian national competitions.

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