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I bet there’s a lot of equipment out there you’d love to have if you like to make chocolates. I know…I know what it’s like to crave that shiny immersion blender, those molds with the cool shapes-you can taste the fillings just thinking about it-that warmer that will hold 5, yes 5! whole kilos of melted chocolate.  Many of these items have multiple uses and are also handy for making confections such as brittles, fondant, fudge, paté de fruit, and other items; you might as well learn to make these too, since so many of them go well with chocolate.

So here’s my list of items for the serious chocolate maker/confectioner. Let’s call you the “prosumer” like they do for camera models-you’re not a pro just yet, but you’d like to be, and you’re serious about making chocolates, though it might only be a seasonal thing. If I had to limit it to ten specific pieces of equipment you need, I’m doing it here. This is not counting the SS bowls, heat proof spatulas, and other basics that are handy to have around the kitchen:

  1. Small melter with electronic thermostat for holding and tempering chocolate (Mol’d’art or Hilliards are two of my favorite brands).
  2. Immersion blender-for mixing ganaches.
  3. KitchenAid or other powerful mixer. I use a 7 qt. Delonghi, great for larger batches.
  4. Confectionery rulers-for making slabs of ganache and paté de fruits.
  5. Set of dipping forks-indispensable for anyone making truffles or pralines (not the American kind).
  6. Silpats-non-stick silicone baking mats, full size and half size, for making slabs and paté de fruits.
  7. Marble or granite slab-for tempering chocolate, cooling ganaches and brittles, and making fondant.
  8. Heat gun-for melting chocolate that´s getting over-crystallized, and cleaning chocolate off of nearly anything. Hairdryer will work in a pinch, but a heat gun is much more effective-and fast.
  9. Accurate thermometer-preferably infrared. Very useful for measuring chocolate temps, as well as brittles, patés de fruit, sugar syrups, etc.
  10. Refractometer-indispensable for making patés de fruit, also comes in handy for sorbet making, but not necessarily for chocolate. But I needed a tenth item, and it´s a fun toy to have anyway!

Later I’ll be posting on where you can find these items at the best prices.

  • AlaskaMama

    As a new ‘prosumer’ I am interested in toys and wondering where to put my money first. This list is helpful. I took an online chocolate course and have not seen many of these tools in person yet. I want a more consistent caramel shape but don’t know how to use the confectionary rulers. Can you help?

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