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By lengthening the school year and changing the school calendar, policy makers seem to have ignored or overlooked several things:

  • Shorter vacation times will definitely affect seasonal tourism and decrease revenues.
  • Unifying the coastal school schedule and highlands schedule (previously they ran on different calendars) means that the entire country will go on vacation at the same time, resulting in massive crowding at tourism destinations. It's already bad enough as it is.
  • Families who are accustomed to reuniting during holidays will no longer have this option; there's bound to be some opposition sprouting up somewhere soon…I hope.
  • Many people will not be granted vacation during the 15 day February break, the only one of the entire school year-again, detrimental to the tourism industry.
  • For this year at least, there's certainly many, many people who have already made holiday reservations/plane ticket purchase that can't be refunded. That's our case…and our kids are going to miss school if they have to no matter what.
  • Current teachers already here will not be interested in renewing contracts under the new terms, and teachers potentially recruited from abroad will certainly find better options elsewhere. It will be hard to recruit new teachers based on the new school schedule, as vacation days are now greatly reduced as compared to many other parts of the world.

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