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We are now in the process of trying to get our health permit renewed. You never know when things are going to change, and this year the whole process, both with the municipality and with the Ministry of Health has changed. The municipality tells you one thing, you ask them for clarification, and they tell you another thing.

Maria called an office we were directed to yesterday, and talked to six different people without getting a clear answer. Now, we’re at the Ministry of health office miles away from our location, and Maria is trying to figure out if we can move ahead with the Ministry of Health permit even though we don’t have our municipal permit.

You see, before you can apply for your Ministry of Health permit, you have to get your municipal license renewed. But the municipality says but getting your municipal license renewed can take up to 180 work days. However, your Ministry of Health permit has to be renewed within the first six months of the year not later than July 15. So even if you started the renewal process for your municipal license on 1 January, it might not be ready until the September. That would mean there’s no way to get your Ministry of Health permit renewed in the legal time allowed.; therefore, we will be fined $1,500. Of course, no one seems to know or care what anyone else is doing, so you can never figure out if what you’re doing is correct or not.

The Ministry of Health says they might make an exception since the municipality is moving slowly on things, and the “might” accept proof that you have begun the renewal process. Big “might.”

Update soon.

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