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Just two weeks short of the new school year the government announced a major schedule change. No Christmas or Easter Holidays, with only a fifteen day break between 5-month semesters running from September through January and mid Fedbruary through early July. All this in an effort to increase the school year to 200 days, though even the Ministry of Education admits its an “experiment,” and they don't know how it will result.

The changes only appeared in the papers the 28th of August.

Some teachers at the British School are already talking about resigning if the changes are implemented, given that under their contracts they are already entitled to a certain number of vacation days and this arbitrarily and instantaneously changes all that.

We've heard in the rumor mill that other international schools, namely Academia Cotopaxi, Ecuador's largest school for the US community, are having trouble hiring teachers. Supposedly the government has told them they don't need to hire teachers from abroad as there are plenty of qualified Ecuadorian teachers, and are making it difficult to get visas.

Just the latest and greatest example of arbitrary decisions being made that can affect you, your business and your life, a daily part of life in Ecuador.

Stay tuned.

  • El Toro

    Help. Are there any US High Schools in the Cotacachi area or Vilcabamba?

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