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The last few days I began noticing these pink billboards in Quito with slogans on them. Not great slogans-more like phrases commonly used here by many people. Phrases that shirk responsibility, show little respect, deny accountability.

The billboards were like the one shown in the photo above, except only the slogan was visible, not the new slogan slapped on top, nor the “Yo Soy Hecho En Ecuador” phrase down in the lower right=hand corner.

This one originally said only “Culpa Mia No Es.” It’s hard to make out underneath the new slogan on top, but it’s there. “It’s Not My Fault,” is what the original slogan said.

Then, in the last week or so, they slapped on top the new phrase “Assume your responsibility.” Or “Take responsibilty.”

Below the “Yo Soy Hecho En Ecuador” phrase, if you click on the photo, it says “No a la Mediocridad,” or “No to Mediocrity.”

This is wonderful. This is awesome. It shows that at some higher level in the government, someone has realized the need for a campaign emphasizing accountability and personal responsibility. It shows a self-awareness and cultural recognition that was not present until only recently. It shows that someone thinks it’s important enough that there should be a campaign to change some of the negative cultural idiosyncracies here.

It may take years to change this, but it’s a huge step forward, and I applaud the anonymous genius behind it.

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