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We have looked at 10 houses/apartments in the last five days or so. Typically, a 2 month security deposit is required. So for a $1000 place you have to come up with $3000 right away.

One realtor, an Ecuadorian man, has shown us 4 places, two of which we really liked. One is a house down in the valley towards Cumbaya, which is the equivalent of the suburbs of Quito, and has become very fashionable in the last ten years or so. It has a much warmer climate than Quito and is a 20 to 40 minute drive to the city, depending on the time of day. This house was going for $900. It’s a 3 level home with all wood floors, wood stairs, and balconies outside all the bedrooms, and is about 3,000 square feet. It’s in a gated community and looked fairly secure. He told us we had plenty of time to consider this house

The other he keeps insisting on is a penthouse apartment on the 7th floor of a building in Quito. It has spectacular views of the city from North to South and originally started at $1,280-$1,000 rent plus an additional $280 condiminium fee. It’s a two floor apartment with a large living/dining area, kitchen, maid’s quarters and study on the entry floor, and the second floor has three large bedrooms and a terrace. It’s quite a bit bigger than our house was in Virginia, probably about 3000 square feet. He told us we needed to hurry upnd make a decision as he had two interested parties already. We figured he was probably bluffing. There are not a lot of people in Quito with $3000 cash ready to plunk down.

After seeing it once, the price came down to $1050, everything included. The apartment is especially attractive for the views and for the tight security-key operated elevator to your own entire 2 floors, 24 hour security guards at the door, card entry to the building. We saw another house today, just awful, and talked about the penthouse again; he offered it to us for $1000 today.  We decided to go back down to the valley tomorrow to look at the house once more. Immediately he told us there was another interested party so we had better tell him our decision soon. We think he is bluffing.

Welcome to Destination Ecuador!

Welcome to Destination Ecuador! My family and I have been living in Ecuador for the last four and a half years. We’ve dealt with the worst kinds of red-tape, searched out or ended up making hard-to-find ingredients ourselves, imported equipment for making chocolate confections, learned the import-export business...Continue >>


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