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Street Seller of Tangerines in Quito, Ecuador

Street Seller of Tangerines in Quito, Ecuador

Almost every day we try and buy fresh fruit. We usually stop at our local fruit seller around the corner from work-but if it’s too late in the day, she’s usually out of what we’re looking for. So instead, we opt for the second best option, though sometimes the cheaper one.

But we’re at the stop light, and the ubiquitous fruit lady or guy walking around with 10 packs of apples, pears, grapefruits, or this time of year, citrus, is just not anywhere to be seen.

We’re three, four, five cars deep in traffic, glancing in the mirror, hoping someone will appear. We’re actually hoping the light will not change from green to red.

Boom, the light turns green, and we hope we don’t have to accelerate too fast, because just as the cars start to move, damn! The fruit lady (or guy appears). She’s juggling three or four sticks in her hands, with the mesh bags hanging from them, laden down with tangerines, mangos, or other tasty fruits.

But we’re obliged to move forward and keep the traffic going-even though it wouldn’t be out of place to hold it up to finish fruit shopping in the street!

It’s that time of year again in Quito. Citrus (and mango) season are in full swing and the streets are full of sellers offering 10 tangerines, 20-25 oranges, and 10-15 limes per dollar. Street shopping and stoplight service at your car are one of the limited pleasures of driving in Quito.

And you try not to make the traffic too much worse by being one of those drivers, finishing up your purchase, after the light turns green.


That’s a lot of lemons to schlep around!

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