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Ok, I know you´ve all been waiting for this…I announced a few posts back that I would find out who this gentleman is, whose names graces one of the most useless, bureaucratic institutions in the beautiful country of Ecuador. Drumroll please…

Wikipedia doesn´t have it. Google doesn´t bring up anything. Only the Institute itself offers up this brief biography:


Review of Dr. Leopoldo Izquieta Perez
Birth: Guayaquil, November 15, 1879 

Death: Guayaquil, April 5, 1948

Primary and secondary studies, conducted in his hometown and Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Guayaquil, where he earned a doctorate degree in Medicine and Surgery, December 8, 1908. 


  • Professor of Materia Medica, and Physiological Therapeutics at the University of Guayaquil.
  • Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guayaquil (1928-1929)
  • Ministers of Education (1932).
  • Director General of Health (1937-1944).
  • Manager intellectual and founder of the National Institute of Hygiene “Leopoldo Izquieta Perez.”
  • Founder and President of the Medical Surgical Society of Guayas.
  • Member of the boards of the Honourable Guayaquil Welfare Board.
  • Very Illustrious President of the Cantonal Council of Guayaquil.
  • Supreme Head of Radical Liberal Party (1945).
  • Member of the province of Guayas.
  • Minister of education.
  • Designated “better citizen of Guayaquil” by the Cantonal Council on October 9, 1947. 
He would probably be ashamed that his illustrious name is now associated with bureaucracy…and that’s putting it mildly.

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