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Just under two weeks ago I returned from a week in Los Angeles. Went to discuss business with a potential client, see an enrober, and see my parents.

It was delightful to be able to just pick up the phone, order something, and have it within a day or two. Of course, not having that convenience here makes spending money a lot harder. I seem to go many days at a time without spending a cent, which is also a rather pleasant experience. No advertising in your face, none of all that commercialism always reminding you how much you NEED something else to make your life better.

Everything seemed so shiny, clean and new there, but I guess it really wasn’t. Just the effects of being in an environment where everything is somewhat damaged, dirty, broken down, or just not maintained. Sidewalks are cracked, there’s trash in the street, cars are old and beat up, lack of customer service.

We had dinner at two of LA’s supposedly best restaurants, but somehow they just don’t cut it for the prices they charge. And food prices have gone up noticeably since I’ve been gone. The best meal we had was in Culver City at Wilsons, a simple but delicious place, as well as two of the breakfasts I had out with friends at very low-key places.

I got everything I needed done, but was also glad to return to the family and the business. We are expanding and the trip was definitely important to help move things along.

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