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Usually I’m too tired or too interested in doing something other than writing when I get home these last few weeks. We’ve been working pretty much six days a week, especially since we have a weekend event nearly every week from now to the end of the month. We are also expecting, with great anticipation, several large orders from companies for their Christmas baskets that is customary to give out to employees and VIP clients.

I’d rather take the risk of producing and not being able to sell, than not producing and not being able to supply at the last minute. The latter would cost me more money than the former in lost sales, so we are just producing as much as we can right now.

Last weekend we had the Christmas Bazar at the Marriott hotel here in Quito. Sales weren’t as good as I hoped, but it seems that many people do their looking at these sales and shop later. Since many Ecuadorians receive an extra month’s salary at the end of the year, as required by law, most of them don’t make their purchases until December. Most of the big chain stores allow you to reserve stuff on layaway and pay later, since no one has money until December. So we had a lot of lookie-loos and hopefully will have many of them showing up during December.

We’re in discussions at the moment with a large hotel chain to regularly supply them with truffles and bonbons, as well as with another small hotel and exporter of cacao products to supply them with truffles at least during the holiday season. If either of these work out it will be a good start.

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