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Business to business sales are great, but getting paid sure can be difficult. I don’t mean getting people to pay me-the few companies I have done business with so far have been fairly prompt and regular with providing payment. Once again it’s the deep love of bureaucracy found here that creates all kinds of delays.

First, for reasons I have yet to be able to understand at even the most superficial level, reasons that I can only speculate about, most businesses only pay their vendors on Fridays between the hours of 3 and 4:30. You can’t show up earlier or later or on another day, and you have to call first to make sure your check is ready.

While there is a halfway decent mail system here, no one uses it. I guess that’s because when you do show up at the right time to pick up your check, you usually have to show some form of ID to prove you are who you say you are, then sign several forms in triplicate before the check is handed over to you. Even though when you bill, you have to bill on a receipt that has been authorized and approved by the equivalent of the IRS here, and it has your name, address, and business taxpayer number on it, that doesn’t seem to be enough to prove to anyone that you are a legitimate business, and therefore you could receive a check at that address made out to you or your company.

And you have to call first to make sure your check is ready, because, and I can only speculate hear, the level of distrust is such that only the owner of the business has authority to sign, and he or she just may not have been available on the Friday afternoon to sign your check.

If your check is signed and you miss the golden hour, well, you’ll just have to wait another week and head back again on Friday to pick it up.

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