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Empanadas are one of Ecuador’s most ubiquitous, and of course popular, foods. You can find them in small shops along most streets, on street corners, and in almost any Ecuadorian restaurant both high and low-budget. Occasionally baked but usually fried-made even better by the use of fresh lard-they come in a variety of flavors.

Sunday we stopped at this little empanada-only shop in San Rafael, a suburban but bustling town just outside of Quito. My mother-in-law had recommended this place; they have two locations, the other is a few miles away in another part of town.  All they sell here are empanadas, sodas, and beer. They come in several flavors, but the most common types here are made of plantain dough, which is made with fresh plantains and flour, or with a type of white corn called morocho, filled with just a bit of ground pork and peas.

“Old Country” Empanadas

Ecuadorian Hot Sauce AKA Ají in Spanish.

White empanada on left made of morocho or corn, on right, Chilean style empanada.

Our son Sebastian enjoying his cheese and plantain empanada and a Fanta.

Daily empanada list-corn, chilean style with meat, chicken, napolitan (cheese, tomato, oregano, and salami), cheese, plantain, and mejid-cheese and sugar in plantain dough, a sweet/salty mix.

Inside the shop.

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