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Aequare Chocolates recently completed its first export transaction successfully. We produced a co-branded box for a U.S. based client, Ms. Elizabeth Pitcairn. The project involved the design and printing of a 20 piece, half-pound box of gourmet filled chocolates, as well as the production of the chocolates themselves.

We used a local designer who also happens to be the in-house designer for the printer we also use; we had used him on other projects and his skills and creativity were really top notch. Besides, it was much easier to work with a designer already in-house with an excellent printing company, as it made coordinating all the work much easier. He also produced a stunning four page mini brochure which included information about Aequare as well as photos and descriptions of the chocolate pieces.

I had never been so closely involved with printing before and was able to visit the printer the day they planned to run the press. The press is a huge machine probably two meters wide, one and a half meters tall, and at least 15 meters long. They had several copies run off for me when I got there to inspect under the light table. I asked for some minor adjustment in the color to be made…of course,this is not a machine that you can just run off one copy at a time, so they had to spit out maybe another twenty or thirty prints before the actual color change was noticeable. I signed off on it and it was a supposed go.

But because of the complexity of the box shape, there were some delays and I later learned from my sales rep they had to rerun the whole printing. I gathered they had overlooked something in the design that required them to reprint. And since the box consists of five separate pieces of paper, each one had to be hand assembled, which delayed the delivery by several days.

We also used a local plastics company to design and produce the thermoform trays which hold the chocolates with in the boxes. They were able to produce an excellent quality tray as well as form-fitting plastic sheet which covered the tray before the box was closed.

Despite this being our first major project for export, we  it done in time and out the door smoothly, with no major hitches in shipping despite the product going out the day before Thanksgiving. We used  very competent customs/freight brokers on both ends; our local broker took care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy and got it on the plane. Once the shipment arrived in Houston, our US broker took over and got it smoothly through customs and to the client’s door. Shipment time is usually between 3-5 days. 

If you are interested in a custom co-branded product or simply our stock packaging, in 6, 12, or 21 piece boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us via Currently, we do not offer a private label program. We will be happy to discuss your project with you, pricing and promotional programs, shipping, and any other details or concerns you may have. 

To see and purchase the violin box, please see the links below.

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