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Nestle never was able to get me any results; I spoke to the same guy yesterday and they would be able to order chocolate for me from Guayaquil, but not the products I want when I want.

So I called the same company I mentioned earlier. I spoke with their sales rep here in Quito; he’s the only person I have to deal with to place an order. I was able to place an order after all. I placed an order with him yesterday, he stopped by the house this morning to meet me, and I should have my chocolate in hand by tomorrow afternoon.

This company actually produces chocolate for Nestle. While their product line consists only of dark, milk, white compound coating, and cocoa butter, they have competitive prices. The best part is, as I mentioned earlier, I can eventually get them to custom make chocolate for me.

Welcome to Destination Ecuador!

Welcome to Destination Ecuador! My family and I have been living in Ecuador for the last four and a half years. We’ve dealt with the worst kinds of red-tape, searched out or ended up making hard-to-find ingredients ourselves, imported equipment for making chocolate confections, learned the import-export business...Continue >>


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