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When I filmed my first segments for a show a couple of months back, I thought it was just so much fun. My shining, smily face would appear on TV, along with my logo, my address, and the hordes would flock to my chocolate shop and be lined up to the corner to buy out all the sweets. Not so. I didn’t mind preparing for two to three hours a day for three to four days beforehand all the ingredients I would need on hand, so that we could film the greatest number of segments in the least amount of time. Five segments! I managed to get in five segments on the first filming, and I wasn’t at all tired. By the fifth segment, I even had down pat the greeting to my phantom audience that I would never see, and was sort of starting to get used to talking into a camera as if it were my best friend.

The cable channel that does the filming is based here in Ecuador, and I suppose they’re looking for material for their shows at little to no cost. I met the producer at a bridal show back in November, and she asked if I could do a segment or two, and of course any free publicity is good. Besides, a show aimed at señoras who are at home, like to cook, and have high income is just my market.

The second filming wasn´t too difficult either, but it was tiring.

I just did session number three, and I´ve now done about 12 segments in all. Somehow, by this third filming session, I just wasn´t able to come up with five different segments, that ideally would show items that could be integrated in a final segment, to keep the audience coming back for more.

I did manage three segments, each showing a different technique and preparation, that were all used together in the third and final segment. But it was exhausting. Not only did I have to make each item in the days beforehand to make sure it would come out right during the filming, but also to have on hand for the next take, for instance, the cake going in the oven, and only seconds later, in the next take, the steaming hot cake coming out of the oven (which was actually frozen).

I forgot to add the salt at one point, which I realized long after the segment had been filmed; the cameraman also mentioned he had noticed I forgot the salt. We´ll wait and see if we get any comments from the people at whom, many of whom like to sit and take notes and then write back to the station if they notice something amiss or don´t agree with something.

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