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While some might enjoy constantly delegating, giving orders, and sitting around watching the work get done for them, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s even harder when you’re not able to show the people doing the work for you exactly how you’d like it done. Worse yet when you’re in pain. That’s the position I find myself in right now. So while I’m not 100% able to demonstrate how I’d like everything done in the chocolate shop, I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to teach and reteach with more details what I have taught in the past. Fortunately for me, I enjoy teaching, so I’m trying to grin and bear it while imparting some useful chocolate and culinary knowledge.

I can now better appreciate the frustration, pissy attitudes, and short-tempers of chefs who want things done right, want them done NOW, and want them done to some exacting standard that no one else can define and that can’t be explained in words. They want all these things because their job, their income, and often their business depends on numerous things being done right and regularly to specific, exacting standards. That’s where I stand right now. But I’m trying not to be the short-tempered management nightmare that so many chefs can be. I think it’s a good challenge, one that will help me grow and be a better teacher/chocolatier/instructor.

This broken leg thing has laid bare just how much the business depends on me, and while that’s a nice feeling, it would be even better to know that the business can run, in nearly its entirety, without me around at all. So that’s where I’m headed. I will still have to help prioritize, manage orders, and other administrative stuff, as well as set the pace in the kitchen. But when these 8 weeks or so are up, I expect to have increased my employee’s knowledge of chocolate making to the level that she can carry out 95% of the production without my assistance.

Welcome to Destination Ecuador!

Welcome to Destination Ecuador! My family and I have been living in Ecuador for the last four and a half years. We’ve dealt with the worst kinds of red-tape, searched out or ended up making hard-to-find ingredients ourselves, imported equipment for making chocolate confections, learned the import-export business...Continue >>


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