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Yesterday our container arrived. When they opened it, it looked like this:

In Guayaquil where it went through customs, they basically ransacked the container, but it doesn’t appear they were able to steal much. They obviously didn ‘t give a (fill in the blank) about any of the stuff they were opening and inspecting. We did find a moldy old pair of shoes in my box of shoes, with one yet-to-be identified pair of mine missing.

As you can see from the photos, they also didn’t bother to put up a barrier inside the container as they should have done. There were a good 2 meters of space left before the container would have been fully filled. When we left the US, they put in several 2x4s tightly braced against all the stuff. They also threw all the boxes back in without stacking any of them properly; fragile boxes on the bottom with the arrows pointing down, heavy boxes on top, boxes opened from the bottom and barely taped shut.

And you call this packing a bike?

I don’t know why the moving company couldn’t use a bike box. Amazingly, though it was thrown on top of the boxes in the container in customs, it arrived unharmed.

The truck driver was in a hurry to get out, and didn’t bother to wait for anyone to help him back the truck out of the neighborhood-it was too big to turn around in the cul-de-sac. The result:

Some of the neighborhood ladies were immediately up in arms and wanted the tree removed rather than replanted, as they feared their kids would play in it and it would fall over. The moving company responded quickly for the damages and took the tree out.

The moving company sent a team of 7 men, who were all great workers and very humble, an entirely different experience from the packing out in the US-basically 3 guys, all with an atittude. All the Ecuadorians were “What can I do for you next sir?” and “Would you like me to do…, sir?” The following day they sent two men to continue to help us unpack and assemble every piece of furniture, as well as document the damages.

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