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Last week the expediter came to the house, got all paperwork and went off to the police station. He supposedly had someone high up who was going to help him get the car registered.

When he finally got to the guy who is in charge of registering diplomatic vehicles, things once again came to a halt. In a sense, he hit a wall of integrity here. My wife had previously met this guy during an earlier attempt to register the car; he’s a poor policeman, but he’s studying law and insists on doing things by the book, even if the book may seem ridiculously wrong. He had advised Maria that she had to get the necessary documents amended at the Ecuadorian Customs Corporation, which could have taken upwards of 6 months. Once this was done, the car could be registered. He couldn’t even be approached for negotiations.

We thought we were once again at a standstill here. Fortunately, after importuning the US Embassy that they help us, an expediter with the right contacts seems to have finally appeared. We handed over all the documents again and it seems they are now getting the documents amended quickly at the Customs Corporation. Once these are fixed, from there it’s back to the police to register the car.

Stay tuned.

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